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When a member confesses to, or is accused of, a serious sin , a judicial committee of at least three elders is formed. This committee investigates the case and determines the magnitude of the sin committed. If the person is deemed guilty of a disfellowshipping offense, the committee then decides, on the basis of the person's attitude and "works befitting repentance" ( Acts 26:20 ), whether the person is to be considered repentant. The "works" may include trying to correct the wrong, making apologies to any offended individuals, and compliance with earlier counsel. If deemed guilty but repentant, the person is not disfellowshipped but is formally reproved and has restrictions imposed, which preclude the individual from various activities such as presenting talks, offering public prayers or making comments at religious meetings. If the person is deemed guilty and unrepentant, he or she will be disfellowshipped. Unless an appeal is made within seven days, the disfellowshipping is made formal by an announcement at the congregation's next Service Meeting . Appeals are granted to determine if procedural errors are felt to have occurred that may have affected the outcome.

Disfellowshipping is a severing of friendly relationships between all Jehovah's Witnesses and the disfellowshipped person. Interaction with extended family is typically restricted to a minimum, such as presence at the reading of wills and providing essential care for the elderly. Within a household, typical family contact may continue, but without spiritual fellowship such as family Bible study and religious discussions. Parents of disfellowshipped minors living in the family home may continue to attempt to convince the child about the group's teachings. Jehovah's Witnesses believe that this form of discipline encourages the disfellowshipped individual to conform to biblical standards and prevents the person from influencing other members of the congregation. Madden GirlGOODIES Mules red btoKDN

Along with breaches of the Witnesses' moral code, openly disagreeing with the teachings Jehovah's Witnesses is considered grounds for shunning. [36] These persons are labeled as "apostates" and are described in Watch Tower Society literature as "mentally diseased". [37] [38] Descriptions of "apostates" appearing in the Witnesses literature have been the subject of investigation in the UK to determine if they violate religious hatred laws. PLDM by PalladiumFICARIA High heeled sandals ocra I4knsBZ
Sociologist Andrew Holden claims many Witnesses who would otherwise defect because of disillusionment with the organization and its teachings, remain affiliated out of fear of being shunned and losing contact with friends and family members. Calvin Klein JeansPROSPER High heeled sandals white dgTXDMmEq
Shunning employs what is known as relational aggression in psychological literature. When used by church members and member-spouse parents against excommunicant parents it contains elements of what psychologists call parental alienation . Extreme shunning may cause trauma to the shunned (and to their dependents) similar to what is studied in the psychology of torture. PinkoPINOLO Trainers rosa/pink NRgTLZp
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"What if" theories are some of the most intriguing ideas to ponder in WWE.They can give us reassurance that what happened was the best-case scenario or make us bitter about a missed opportunity.

With half of 2018 gone, we can already look back on what has happened in WWE this year and start to consider alternate timelines and what effects would have come out of any changes.

For the purposes of this discussion, it's important to focus on what would have had a big impact with major ramifications, rather than things which would have had a minuscule change.

Keep in mind it's impossible to truly know any of the repercussions, but with educated guesswork and a healthy dose of speculation, let's examine some of those "what if" scenarios from the past few months.

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This may seem like an oddball to single out, but had The Miz defeated Finn Balor and Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 34 to retain the Intercontinental Championship, the trickle-down effect would have impacted a number of wrestlers.

During the Superstar Shake-up, The Miz was traded to SmackDown Live, most likely with the intention he would feud with Daniel Bryan somewhere along the line.

That move probably would have stayed the same, but other switches to counter it would have gone down differently.

Assuming Jinder Mahal had won the United States Championship at WrestleMania and moved over to Raw in a trade, the midcard champions would have swapped shows, making things much simpler.

Instead of Jeff Hardy winning the United States title on Raw the night before moving to SmackDown just so the blue brand had a midcard champion, Mahal would have had no reason to drop the belt —and nor would The Miz.

This would mean not only erasing Hardy's current title reign but also the great run Rollins had with the intercontinental title.

Had WWE wanted to put a belt on Rollins, he could have been the one to dethrone Mahal, possibly on the same night or at a later event such as the Greatest Royal Rumble or Backlash.

Meanwhile, Hardy would have either stayed in Raw's midcard, opening up a spot for someone such as Balor to move to SmackDown instead, or he would have gone to Tuesday nights without a belt and been a primary contender for The Miz—a feud we've yet to see.

This would have stopped the convoluted matches at Greatest Royal Rumble and Backlash, as well as continuing The Miz's lineage with the Intercontinental Championship.

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One of the biggest stories to happen in WWE this year was the situation with Enzo Amore.

With his exit, 205 Live was left with no direction or champion, resulting in numerous changes for the brand.

Had his release not happened, the title would have stayed on him longer, meaning there would never have been a tournament to determine the new cruiserweight champion.

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Expressions allow you to reference, transform and combine attributes before you store them on a user profile or before passing them to an application for authentication or provisioning. For example, you might use a custom expression to create a username by stripping from an email address. Or you might combine and attributes into a single attribute.

This document details the features and syntax of Okta’s Expression Language which can be used throughout the administrator UI and API. This document will be updated over time as new capabilities are added to the language. Okta’s expression language is based on and uses a subset of functionalities offered by SpEL.

Referencing User Attributes

When you create an Okta expression, you can reference any attribute that lives on an Okta user profile or App user profile.

Okta user profile

Every user has an Okta user profile. The Okta user profile is the central source of truth for a user’s core attributes. To reference an Okta user profile attribute, just reference and specify the attribute variable name.

Application user profile

In addition to an Okta user profile, all users have separate Application user profiles for each of their applications. The Application user profiles are used to store application specific information about a user, such as application username or user role. To reference an App user profile attribute, just specify the application variable and the attribute variable in that application’s App user profile. In specifying the application you can either name the specific application you’re referencing or use an implicit reference to an in-context application.

IdP user profile

In addition to an Okta user profile, some users have separate IdP user profiles for their external Identity Provider. These IdP user profiles are used to store identity provider specific information about a user, and this data can be used in an EL expression to transform an external user’s username into the equivalent Okta username. To reference an IdP user profile attribute, specify the identity provider variable and the corresponding attribute variable for that identity providers IdP user profile. This profile is only available when specifying the username transform used to generate an Okta username for the IdP user.

Referencing Application and Organization Properties

In addition to referencing user attributes, you can also reference App properties, and the properties of your Organization. To reference a particular attribute, just specify the appropriate binding and the attribute variable name. Here are some examples:

Application properties

Organization properties


Okta offers a variety of functions to manipulate attributes or properties to generate a desired output. Functions can be combined and nested inside a single expression.

String Functions

The following Deprecated functions perform some of the same tasks as the ones in the above table.

Array Functions

Conversion Functions

Data Conversion Functions

Note: Convert.toInt(double) rounds the passed numeric value either up or down to the nearest integer. Be sure to consider integer type range limitations when converting from a number to an integer with this function.

Country Code Conversion Functions

These functions convert between ISO 3166-1 2-character country codes (Alpha 2), 3-character country codes (Alpha 3), numeric country codes, and full ISO country names.

Note: All these functions take ISO 3166-1 2-character country codes (Alpha 2), 3-character country codes (Alpha 3), and numeric country codes as input. The function determines the input type and returns the output is in the format specified by the function name.

For more information on these codes, see the House of HoundsBISON Slipons black jahYlhuQ

Group Functions

Group functions return either an array of groups or True or False .

For an example using group functions and for more information on using group functions for dynamic and static whitelists, see Create an ID Token or Access Token Containing a Groups Claim .

Linked Object Function

Selected HommeSLHROYCE MONK SHOE Smart slipons dark navy aYqB3

Use this function to retrieve properties about the user identified with the specified relationship. You can optionally specify an app.

Time Functions

Okta supports the use of the time zone IDs and aliases listed in the Time Zone Codes table .

Manager/Assistant Functions

Directory and Workday Functions

The functions above are often used in tandem to check whether a user has an AD or Workday assignment, and if so return an AD or Workday attribute. See the ‘Popular Expressions’ table below for some examples.

Constants and Operators

Conditional Expressions

You can specify IF…THEN…ELSE statements with the Okta EL. The primary use of these expressions is profile mappings and group rules. Group rules do not usually specificy an ELSE component.

The format for conditional expressions is

There are several rules for specifying the condition.

The following functions are supported in conditions.

Note: Use the double equals sign, , to check for equality.


For these samples, assume that has following attributes in Okta.

Samples Using Profile Mapping

The following samples are valid conditional expressions that apply to profile mapping. The attribute is from another system being mapped to Okta.

If the middle initial is not blank, the full name is the first name, middle initial, a period, and the last name; otherwise it is the first name and the last name.

If there is a courtesy title, use it for the honorific prefix.

If either email2 or email3 exists, make additionalEmail true; otherwise, make it false.

Samples Using Group Rules

The following samples are valid conditional expressions. The actions in these cases are group assignments.

Popular Expressions

Sample user data:

Appendix: Time Zone Codes

Okta supports the use of the following time zone codes:

With Universal Directory, there are about 30 attributes in the base Okta profile and any number of custom attributes can be added. All App user profiles have a username attribute and possibly others depending on the application. To find a full list of Okta user and App user attributes and their variable names, go to People > Profile Editor. If you’re not yet using Universal Directory, contact your Support or Professional Services team.

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